The Poikonen Dynamic

The Poikonen Dynamic

About Me

My goal is to create. Simple and true. Every part of my life is a structural aspect of that one idea. To create something that might possibly inspire someone, somewhere. To shed any conventions that society deems important and dedicate to myself to that one ideal. Create.
This mindset becomes obscured by the realities of life. How do you create something real? Something that is effecting? And how do you get people to listen? I have no fucking Idea. But this is what it sounds like when I try…

Songs for You


Like Brushing Your Teeth Naked

"A fantastic Soulfull Blues record" - R. Stavros

Music is a basic human need. We move, breath, blink, and eat in some sort of rhythm. Our hearts are constant metronomes to the natural melody of life. It cannot be explained or understood, simply felt. The music on this album has been made from my instinctual connection with that feeling. I hope it hits as many ears as possible.